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The Brooks Agency

Protecting What Matters Most

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Getting Better All The Time

The Brooks Agency brings over 20 years of combined insurance experience. Realizing that East Texas is a high-speed growing market, the Brooks Agency has strategically pursued a proactive approach and taken the necessary steps to supply innovative, cost-effective solutions to meet the needs of this diverse and demanding market.

​As an Agency, we have parted with the world's foremost Financial Services & Insurance Companies to meet those needs with carefully selected solutions

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The Products We Provide

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Individual and Family Options

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Employee Benefit Packages

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Agents and Brokers

The team at The Brooks Agency is committed to offering clients the highest levels of protection at a price that fits their budget.


How We Work

Our mission is to get to know and understand your needs, wants, and long-term goals. We want to help you develop, implement, and monitor a strategy that’s designed to address your unique situation.

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Challenges You face Today.

The world can be an unpredictable place. Our commitment is to utilize all our resources to help you pursue your goals and help you keep those who matter most, safe. 

We believe in thinking “out of the box,” and we are not afraid to challenge conventional wisdom in our approach to insurance and protection. All our energy, commitment, and efforts are focused on you, the client, and your satisfaction.


Our Reviews


Shannon Giles Martin

This is a friendly group, and I am excited to be here.


Robin Howell Smith

Fantastic Group of people. The professionalism and integrity is above par


Carlos Leguizamo

Kendrick has been a pleasure to work with.

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